Android in Japan

Android in Japan

We have just stumbled across a note sent by Google’s Eric Chu on Wednesday evening to the numerous Android app developers. It was made clear in no uncertain terms that the first Android powered phone will launch in Japan on July 10th. Furthermore, Google have added the ability to target applications to both Bulgaria and Romania, despite the fact that they do not currently have an Android based devices shipping their yet. We presume that this facility is pre-empting device launches here too.

We aren’t quite sure which device is going to hit Japan, nor Bulgaria and Romania. However, developers will be able to offer free applications to begin with, followed by paid applications. If you are a developer yourself, make sure to check the box entitled “All Current and Future Locations”. This will make sure your application if offered to the new markets accordingly.

So it would appear as though July the 10th will be a big day for Google when it sees the OS it support so well officially enter the Japanese market. We look forward to seeing how well received Android is here.

James Tromans

Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.