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Another week, another fine set of statistics released by the folks at StatCounter. According to the Internet analytics firm, as reported by Tom’s Guide, the Android browser has finally taken the lead over its competitors and is now the top mobile browser in the world. By taking a 22.67 percent share of the pie in February 2012, it bested Opera’s 21.7 percent by a small margin.


This was an improvement over the 20.2 percent registered in December of last year for the stock Android browser. On the other hand, Opera suffered a minor slump after hitting 24.22 percent back in December. The iPhone’s Safari browser, meanwhile, posted a huge gain from 18.41 percent in December 2011 to 21.06 percent in February. This is good enough to secure third place on the chart.

Other mobile browsers that made some newsworthy dents include the Nokia browser with a share of 11.24 percent and followed by the Blackberry browser with 6.53 percent. The latter continues its free fall trajectory after hitting a high of 14.35 percent in the same month the previous year.

It is not at all surprising to see Google’s Android stock browser dominating the Android scene since it comes preloaded with the platform. It would be interesting to see how the numbers change in coming months with Chrome and Firefox for Android making their entrance. Dolphin Browser HD is also a popular choice amongst Android owners who want some alternatives.

When it comes to page views from a specific mobile platform, recent statistics by the same firm have shown that Symbian OS was on top with 32 percent, though the trend is downward. Coming behind Symbian OS were iOS and Android OS – both at roughly 24 percent with an upward trend. Blackberry’s share plunged to 8 percent from 15 percent that was posted the year before.

What’s your favorite browser for Android? Please don’t say “stock”.

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