Tapjoy, a provider of paid distribution services for app developers, has recently launched a $5 million fund to encourage app creators to remodel their apps to fit the Android OS. This is the service provider’s response to Apple’s tightened app distribution policies, even remarking that it “is destroying the user experience and threatening the entire freemium model.” Tapjoy has remained loyal to Apple for quite some time, but it now decides to move to Android.

The $5 million fund isn’t much, especially with Tapjoy’s developers having more than 9,000 mobile apps. However, it reflects the ease of venturing efforts for Android. The fund will allow developers to port their apps and test them for Android by providing them the capital, porting services, and distribution services. Free marketing credits will also be given to selected games, plus mobile analytics upon applying for the program. SkyVu, the developer of Battle Bears game, has applied for the fund and will launch the game in Android next year.

Similar to SkyVu’s market acceleration, Tapjoy is expected to widen its reach through Android. It has presently reached more than 200 million mobile users, and the numbers will surely increase in a few months, since the company claims that they will not leave iOS soon.

“Tapjoy is in the business of democratizing the application ecosystem by bringing innovative content and targeted experiences to consumers while providing a level playing field for developers large and small to get their apps discovered,” Mihir Shah, CEO of Tapjoy, said of the Android Fund.

via VentureBeat