android-digital-photo-frameJapanese news site Techon is reporting that Fujitsu Software Technologies Ltd and Japanese firm Macnica Inc (developer and marketer of semiconductors and network devices) have come up with something called the “Software Platform for Home Network Digital Photo Frame” based on Android. Why, I hear you ask? I think the real question is why not?

This photo frame is an example of a digital home appliance that incorporates Android as an embedded platform, allowing this product to go on display from the 13th of May at the 12th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC2009) in Tokyo. Indeed, Macnica are taking the device along and are doing just that. This photo frame can add visual effects to images (such as an oil painting) and will display a slide-show of photos on a home network via DLNA. The processor supporting the device is a ARM based Marvell “PXA 310”. But why Android? Apparently there is an increasing demand for embedded devices and Android seems to be the current fashion since it is tending towards a multipurpose embedded platform. Put simply, it hits the spot.