Thanks to some detective work by Engadget on the FCC website, it would appear as though the Dell Mini 5 is heading to AT&T and will support EDGE and 3G frequencies. How do we know this? During a hands on photo session with the Mini 5, a number of photos were taken which revealed the battery compartment, SIM card slot etc. One of these photos, shown to the right, revealed a label which you can find here on the FCC website. After matching the details up, AT&T users can get a little excited “as and it’s described in the RF test reports as a “mobile internet device” with support for WiFi plus full HSPA on WCDMA bands II and V (that’s the coverage needed by AT&T, Rogers, Bell, and Telus, by the way) plus EDGE on the same frequencies”.

[Via Engadget]

James Tromans

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