The Weekly Roundup brings together the most important news and events of the last week. We look back at the biggest launches, the hottest devices, and the wildest rumors of the past seven days, to show you the big picture without missing those all important details. Buckle up!


On Monday we’ve learned that the Google-Motorola merger finally received the blessing of the Chinese authorities, with the condition that Android stays open for at least five years.

The same day, we’ve wrote that HTC was able to push at least some units of the HTC One X through the customs review, which sparked a flicker of hope in the eyes of unhappy Sprint customers.

Last week teemed with Galaxy S3 news, and it’s no wonder why – the device is just days from its official release in several countries. Monday brought some mixed news from the enthusiast front – the first custom ROM was released for the Galaxy S3, but, on the down side, Samsung moved to block the leaked S Voice app, to the dismay of many.

Finally, our Gary Sims wondered if Android 2.X would become Google’s own IE6, a possibility that has certainly piqued your interest.


On Tuesday, we’ve explained how wireless charging works, in an article that many of you have appreciated. The same day brought further good news in the HTC import ban issue, as we learned that Sprint pre-ordering customers would get their HTC EVO 4G LTE on Thursday.

Motorola tried to reason with angry customers and offered their explanations on why they don’t update all their newish devices to ICS. From your comments, we’ve deduced that their explanation was not that convincing.

More S3 news – after some digging into the Bluetooth SIG filings, we were able to tell you that Galaxy S3 will indeed come to Verizon. Moreover, the device started selling a week early in Dubai!

Motorola and Google sealed the deal on Tuesday, thus completing an ongoing legal dance that started many months ago.

Oh, and we’ve watched David Beckham using his gift of balls to play some Beethoven. Nice!


On Wednesday, our colleague Lucian speculated that Android 5 will feature an improved desktop mode and, also, he presented you VIA’s $49 desktop on a board.

HTC updated its ICS list for the summer, making many users happy, while disappointing some others.

On the same day we learned that the industrious folks at XDA have devised a method to trick Samsung’s servers into working with any device running the leaked S Voice app. Samsung kept mum about it, but the Koreans did speak out on the design of the S3, which they defended against allegation ranging from “bad taste” to “designed by lawyers”.

Regulatory filings revealed that all four major US carriers would carry the Galaxy S3, which we reported with great joy on Wednesday.

Finally, the Super AMOLED shootout pitched together the One S, the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy S2. See the results for yourself.


We’ve began Thursday in force, with news about the supposed launch date of the Galaxy S3 in Australia. Then, we’ve updated anxious EVO 4G LTE buyers with news about the device arriving from Sprint and Best Buy, apparently for pre-orders only.

We’ve took you into a tour of the hottest developments in camera technology and pumped out the candy by announcing the winner of our Samsung Galaxy S3 giveaway. Keeping in line, we’ve showed you our early Galaxy S3 unboxing, courtesy of our man Randy in Malaysia.

A couple of interesting rumors made us wonder if Google will launch its Nexus 5 group of devices on November 5, to celebrate Android’s 5th birthday. See a pattern here?

Good news for Google fans (and anyone with some common sense) on Thursday – the jury in the ongoing trial brought up by Oracle decided that Google did not infringe on two of Oracle’s patents. At least for now, Google has the upper hand in the spat with Oracle, but the war is far from over. Also, Android has another major legal hurdle coming, with the talks between Apple and Samsung reaching a dead end on Thursday.

For our European readers, we’ve reported that the One XL will launch in Germany and other LTE markets in the coming days. And let’s not forget about the rumors about a Galaxy Note 2 coming this fall!


Friday morning, we summarized the week’s good news for Samsung fans in India, we’ve talked about the rumor buildup that begins to sketch out the portrait of the coming Nexus tablet, and we were finally able to confirm that the Android 4.0.4 update became available for the Galaxy Nexus.

Although still a rare sight, the HTC EVO 4G LTE (the device of the week we might say, along with the Galaxy S3) was rooted on Friday. Speaking of the S3, the vaunted device is supposedly coming on June 20 in Canada.

On the Android vs the world front, IDC reported that Android is doing better than ever, with Apple’s iOS seconding it from a distance.

For the stats geeks, someone at Reddit made some nifty graphs showing which device boast that best display to body ratio (tip, it’s a phablet)

Saturday and Sunday

Over the weekends, when others take some time off from the craziness of tech blogging, we soldier on.

This weekend we’ve covered ViewSonic’s humongous 22-inch Android tablet, then the dual-SIM Galaxy Duos Ace, and we’ve shown you the first video sample from the Google Glass project. We’ve also reported that there are problems with the blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the delay is apparently not enough to put you off.

Speaking of the Galaxy S3, our best post over the weekend and probably over the whole week is the First 48 Hours Review that we’ve put out yesterday. It garnered hundreds of likes already and dozens of comments, a testament to the popularity of this device. Make sure to check it out.

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