It’s been a fun week in the world of Android. Google finally dropped Android 5.1 and we were happy to see it’s more than just bug fixes. New features may also be coming soon to Android Wear. We heard more interesting tidbits about Samsung’s hot new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, including talk about an Active version featuring a massive battery. More rumors about LG’s and HTC’s next hero devices emerged. Google reorganized its device store and released a cheaper and nicer Chromebook Pixel. Cyanogen revealed some details about its upcoming plans. And finally Google issued nice updates to several of its apps.

Inside AA HQ

We’re back with a new installment of Android Authority this week after a two week hiatus for MWC. The show itself has been a blast, but we all had even more fun on the sidelines, just catching up with each other, meeting new people, and getting to hang out with fellow bloggers and journalists from the Android community. Check out a short gallery from the show here: it’s just a taste of an experience that we try to share with you at every show.

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Moving on, we’re looking forward to reviewing the undisputed stars of MWC – the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge. All three devices are on their way and our reviews will be going up as soon as embargos let us. We’re really stoked to put these beasts through their paces, and we know you are stoked to learning everything about them, so stay tuned!

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The stuff you shouldn’t miss

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Top news of the week

And here are the top news in the Android world this week:

Android 5.1 Lollipop
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