Hello everyone and welcome to the latest installment of the Android Authority Q&A. In this installment, we’ll be talking about the Nexus 5, the LG G2 bootloader, antivirus apps, and root. If you’d rather watch than read, the video is at the bottom.

Question 1

I was wondering if you need any type of antivirus protection app for phones nowadays? I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I download movies and games once in a while, so I worry about getting hacked or getting a virus. – Doomahdang from Seattle, Washington.


It really depends on your browsing habits. If you stick to trusted sources when downloading apps and videos, you have a very low risk of putting your device in danger. Similarly, if you don’t connect to public WiFi, like at an airport, your connection should remain secure. If you do download from untrustworthy sources or frequently connect to low security WiFi hotspots, then you should probably pick up an antivirus app just to be safe.

Question 2

Is it recommended to buy a Nexus 4 16GB now or wait for the Nexus 5? – azee


Well, depending on where you live, a new 16GB Nexus 4 may not even be available anymore. If Google is true to form, the Nexus 5 will be announced and released in the next couple of months and rumors state that it’ll be October. So my advice is to hold off a little longer to wait for the Nexus 5. Worst case scenario, if you’re disappointed with the Nexus 5, you can easily find a used Nexus 4 on sites like Swappa, eBay, or Amazon.

Question 3

Given that the HTC One Max was not announced at IFA 2013, when do you think the phablet will be announced? And will it be coming to T-Mobile? – Daniel Alday


We have no concrete evidence as to when the HTC One Max will be announced and released. However, we imagine HTC won’t want to miss out on the holiday season sales so an educated guess would put the announcement and release sometime in the next couple of months. Evleaks tweeted that the device was headed for Sprint, but no word on other carriers. Since the HTC One is on a lot of carriers, we would be surprised if the One Max didn’t follow suit.

Question 4

Hey guys, I am interested in learning if the LG G2 is going to have a locked bootloader and/or encrypted bootloader. – Justin


Sadly, the answer to that question is yes it is. So far, 3 out of the 4 major US carriers have released the phone and all 3 have had locked bootloaders. According to speculation, the T-Mobile variant, which comes out later this month, will probably have it locked down too. The brilliant minds at XDA are mulling over how to fix this problem right now. So far you can gain root, but that’s as far as you can get for the time being.

Question 5

I want to know if rooting an Android device helps battery last longer? Or is it this opposite? – Matthew Kurian


Actually, the answer is neither. Rooting your phone doesn’t actually change how your device operates. It won’t increase or decrease battery life, performance, or anything. What it does do is give you administrative access to the root directory of your device, which simply gives you more control over what your device can do. You can use this control to install apps to improve your battery life, but rooting by itself won’t do it.

Q&A wrap up

Don’t forget that this is fueled by your questions. If you don’t ask, we can’t answer! head over to the Android Authority Q&A page and ask us anything. We’ll try to get it answered. Tune in next week for the next episode!


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