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Audiology asks: Hi Kris. Which phone released in 2013 has the best battery life? Thank you and have a nice day :)


I can give you the best answer even if the phone isn’t exactly out just yet. The newly announced Verizon Droid MAXX. With a 3500mAh battery packed in, it should last longer than even a number of tablets. Motorola claims that the MAXX can go for 48 hours. It will start shipping on August 20. motorola-droid-maxx-aa-front full


Ricardo asks: Hi, do you think the Sony Honami could be the best phone released this year?


If the Honami phone, or the i1, is a smaller, maybe 5 inch screen device with those same killer specs as the Xperia Z Ultra, we could have an amazing smartphone on our hands. The original Xperia Z was a great entry by Sony, so I do think the Honami phone will sit among the best. Sony Honami i1 leak (1)


Randall Williams asks: When the Moto X and LG G2 hit the market which company will carry those phones?


When it comes to the Moto X, we can pretty safely expect it to be on GSM carriers. After all, many of the leaks we’ve seen use an AT&T branded phone. AT&T does have a knack for getting the high end devices.

Rogers Moto X video leak

When it comes to the LG G2, the next flagship by LG should be getting the same treatment as the original Optimus G. Again, AT&T will likely get it but T-Mobile could receive their own version. The Optimus G did make it to Sprint, so perhaps the same will go for a G2 variant.

LG G2 teaser video


Francisco Rocha asks: Hello Kris! I am a 16 year old teenager and I am a huge tech fan. Since I can’t afford the best smartphones in the market, what mid range device do you recommend? Thank you and keep with the good work.


Without knowing where you’re coming from, I’ll use US carriers phones as a measure. These are all phones that are $100 or less on contracts. I would actually recommend you get one of last year’s flagships. They might not be cutting edge but not only do you thus have choices, you will also still get a great performing smartphone.

Choices in AT&T’s camp include the LG Optimus G and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

att optimus g

T-Mobile actually just got the Xperia Z at a great price of $99 but there is also the awesome Nexus 4 available at no up-front cost.

t-mobile xperia z

Verizon’s main mid-range offering is the Droid RAZR M.

And finally if you’re looking for unlocked phones, you can’t go wrong with the most affordable device – the unlocked Nexus 4.

Nexus 4


Adam Hall asks: I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve noticed in the past with other phones that I have charged them a couple times in a day just to make sure I don’t run out of battery. For example, if it was at 70%, I would charge it back to 100% before work. My question is: is it bad on the battery or phone to charge it that often? Normally I only charge it at night when I sleep. I just watched a YouTube video of yours about saving battery power. I’m just curious on how often I should charge it. Thank you for your help and time.


samsung galaxy s4 mini aa battery

This is a great question because while Li-on batteries are largely set it and forget it, having a little information can help you prolong your work or play time. It comes down to charging with or without any power still in the unit. The basic answer? Charge it whenever you need. Having some power in the battery is actually good for it because totally draining all the time it isn’t. If you drain the battery completely maybe every 30 cycles then it can reset the battery level monitor. Just don’t get into the habit of using your phone until its completely dead and charge it when you need. Also, you have a Galaxy S4 so maybe having a spare battery would work well for you.


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