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Android Authority On Air - Episode 72 - Moto X, Google Maps, T-Mobile JUMP and more

July 12, 2013
Android Authority on Air

On the apps front this week, the big topic is Google Maps. Maps has a completely new UI, pretty much fullscreen, a slideout menu and has the action button on the bottom right. The search bar at the top brings various items into the mix and the search results are given in a nice card layout. The overall layout is much simpler. Sadly, Latitude is gone from the app and retiring for good on August 9th, in which location sharing will be rolled more and more into Google+ instead.

Thanks to an friend in the know, we reported the goods on the Moto X. It’s launching on August 23rd, has a 4.4 inch 720p screen, a 10MP camera, and you can say “okay, Google Now” from anywhere to launch Google Now / Google Search. You’ll have to tune in for all of the goods. Besides the Moto X, we had some Verizon DROID leaks. Apparently the DROID MAXX will have 48 hours of battery life and launching on August 8th.

This week both Sprint and T-Mobile announced some interesting features for their customers. Sprint announced plan changes and a new ‘unlimited guarantee’ where you get unlimited everything, “your way, all in”. (That’s right, you too can get unlimited dialup modem speeds. Thanks Sprint. HAH.) T-Mobile announced more exciting news. JUMP. Their new JUMP program allows you to save tons of money and get a new phone twice a year. It’s actually pretty awesome.

On the patent and legal news front, Apple got smacked around twice this week. First, they finally gave up on their hilarious lawsuit against Amazon and their Appstore. Second, Apple has been found guilty in federal court for fixing eBook prices. Apple’s damages have not yet been decided at this time. Apple does plan to appeal the ruling.

All this and more on the Android Authority On Air show. Watch or listen below.