Android Authority on AirThis week on Android Authority On Air, we rocked out with famed Android kernel and app developer, Franciso Franco. Chances are if you’re into rootin’ and ROMin’ and use a custom kernel (at least for Nexus devices) you’ve heard of him. Francisco fielded dozens of questions during our  live Q&A session, taking questions from the audience on both Google+ and YouTube. Francisco gave us his thoughts on Android, it’s current state, and a little bit about the future. He’s taken a truly unique approach to helping out new, small developers such as his friend Christian Göllner, who has developed a pretty amazing system monitor application. How is he helping new developers like him? You’ll have to watch and find out.

After our interview, we dug into the Android ecosystem, touting from the heavens Android’s massive growth in the tablet market over the past year. Android and iOS have literally swapped places in the past year. It’s incredible. With Google I/O 2013 right around the corner, I gave my speculations on what we’ll see. The biggest thing I’m pretty confident we’ll see? An Android based game console or something along those lines. Check out what dots I connected on the show.

On the app front we laughed a bit at Microsoft with their Switch to Windows Phone app and snickered at Verizon’s new cloud storage app. Seeing as Glass runs Android, we talked about a few Glass apps this week on the show.

Over on the rootin’ and ROMin scene, the Samsung Galaxy S4 gets CM10.1 already. Yep, that phone that tons of bad bloggers reported it wasn’t going to happen. The HTC One received a unique recovery this week. If you love Star Trek and have an HTC One, you might just be a fan. Also, this week, Paranoid Android introduced a revolutionary way to accomplish multi-window support on Android.

Miss the show? Watch or listen below.

Derek Ross
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