Android Authority on AirIs Android a mess? Microsoft’s Terry Myerson, VP of Windows Phone, said Android is a mess at Drive into Mobile earlier this week. On the show this week, we went back and forth debate style discussing Terry’s accusation. We compared iOS and Windows Phone. We discussed what roles carriers and OEMs play and ultimately what Google’s roles are in this “messy” situation.

Moving on to hardware news, everyone is excited for Motorola and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is comin’ to town. Here’s the Galaxy S4 availability:

  • T-Mobile: 4/24/13, $150 + 24 $20 payments (630 vs 640 list)

  • Sprint: 4/27/13, $250 (2yr) with $100 discount for people switching to Sprint

  • Verizon: confirmed for May, rumored 5/30/13 and 5/22/13, price unknown

  • AT&T: 4/30/13, $200 (2yr), $450 (1yr)

  • US Cellular: 5/14/13, $200 (2yr)

Onto app news, we discussed the new MyGlass app and what goodies it revealed about an upcoming Google gaming center or gaming service. Chrome got updated as usual and a few other apps received much needed #HOLO.

This week AOKP reached the 1 million downloads milestone. Following their announcement, AOKPush was released into the wild. If you’re down with the pink unicorn, you’ll love it.

As usual, carriers continue to expand their ever growing LTE networks here in the United States. Besides network expansion, Dish Network made a bid for Sprint and Verizon wants in on the Clearwire goodness.

The Contest

Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy S3 Tats Cru Graffiti Case


Internationally-renowned, Bronx-based professional muralists, TATS CRU, have spearheaded the battle to change the public perception of graffiti, since the early 1980s. From the early days of subway graffiti, TATS CRU has helped elevate graffiti to a public art form.

TATS CRU paint the famous Graffiti Hall of Fame in Harlem and receive recognition throughout the world for mural advertising and art – created for clients as diverse as small local businesses to corporations such as Coca Cola and Sony.

To enter, make a post on Google+ or Twitter and include the hashtag #AndroidAuthority.  Be sure to let us know why you want this case or why you think Android is or isn’t a mess with your post.

The contest is only available to US residents. Even though we said on the show that the contest would end at 8pm on Sunday, we’re going to extend the contest until Wednesday, April 24 at 11:59pm EST. The winners will be announced the next day live on the air.

As always you can watch or listen below.


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