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This week on Android Authority On Air, we discussed a new Nexus 4, Facebook Phone rumors, a handful of app updates, carrier news, and what we did to the HTC One. The Nexus 4 received an updated design last week. The Nexus 4 now has tiny little nubs or bumps on the back to raise the device just enough to help with muffled audio and to stop the smartphone from sliding off of various things. Will Facebook launch a phone, the HTC Myst on April 4th? Or is that just a bunch of crap? We’re more inclined to think Facebook will debut an Android launcher, allowing them to put Facebook first. T-Mobile LTE’s all the things (well, only a few things) for the very first time this past week, and some users get the Nexus 4 to work on it. On to app updates, a handful of Google apps got updated and Tasker got some #HOLO.

The HTC One is a gorgeous device. During our HTC One review, we came to the conclusion that this Android phone is a beauty from Sense 5 to the aluminum body. Since the HTC One reminded us of the iPhone 5’s aluminum body, we did the only thing natural, we did a drop test and destroyed them both. Which device won? Check out the HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test and find out.

All this and more on this weeks show!

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