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The Chromebook Pixel is real! That’s right Google fans, this week on Android Authority On Air, we discussed what the Chromebook Pixel means for Google. We’re a fan of the hardware, but not all of us are fans of the price. One of the Android Authority regulars has already purchased his and plans on doing a full review later next month. Besides Chromebook Pixel, we hit up Ubuntu Touch which was announced this week. Android fanatics and Ubuntu developers can now download the prepackaged images and flash them on their favorite Nexus devices. On the show we discussed how the Developer Preview of Ubuntu Touch is exactly what it is. A preview, nothing more. Qualcomm and NVIDIA both announced new processors this week and Qualcomm  announced what we ended up calling the “God” radio. In Android app news, DashClock Widget continues to gain traction while various extensions appear on the Google Play Store.

This week on Android Authority On Air was a bit of a milestone for us, episode 52. You know what that means, we’re now a year old. So, what did you get us? We like gadget leaks and long walks on the beach… Anyways, for our one year anniversary, we partnered with Cruzerlite for a very special contest.

The Contest

Thanks to Cruzerlite, we’re giving away 10 $15 gift cards ($150 in total) redeemable at their shop. How do you enter? Just watch or listen to the show. We know that many of you can’t catch our show live on Google+ or YouTube. We know that many of you download the podcast on SoundCloud or watch the show after it’s been published to YouTube. To accommodate everyone, during the show, we’ll provide a special link to a super secret Rafflecopter entry form. We’ll give everyone a chance to listen to the show all weekend long and then finally choose a winner Sunday night at 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

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