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Android Authority On Air - Episode 48 - Paranoid Android

January 27, 2013
Android Authority on Air

We at Android Authority loves us some custom ROMs. Do you know what we like more than custom ROMs? Loves us some new, innovative features on custom ROMs. This week on Android Authority On Air, we had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron Gascoigne, who just happens to be one of the four developers behind the Paranoid Android ROM. So what did Aaron have to say about Paranoid Android? We talked about their new Pie navigation system, why they switched from a CyanogenMod base to an AOSP base, their PA Prefs app and much, much more. These guys are going places. You’ll definitely want to check them out if your device is supported.

Besides Paranoid Android, we did the usual, discussing Android devices and the latest and greatest from the Android ecosystem. On the device front, we talked about the LG Optimus G Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leaked all over the web, and HTC’s M7 and Sense 5.0 didn’t want to feel left out, leaking too. We saw a handful of useful apps get updated this week such as Tasker, Reddit News, and Temple Run 2. Over on the rootin’ and ROMin’ front HTC cracked down on the hands that feed them, the developer community. HTC took down and seized control over this week, shocking the Android community.

Remember all those rumors about Google and possibly Dish creating a wireless network? Well, at least part of that rumor is true. Google is creating a wireless network. This network will only be available on the Google’s Mountain View Campus. And lastly, the frequency they plan on using ranges from 2524Mhz to 2625MHz. This is the same frequency band that is owned by Clearwire here in the USA. What’s this mean? Who knows?

Miss the show? Tune in or watch below:

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