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This week on Android Authority On Air we tackled the question “So now I’ve rooted, what apps should I install?” One of our users emailed us this question and we took a stab at it live on the show this week. Many users root their Android devices to remove carrier bloatware, tweak their device settings, or to completely customize their phone or tablet. If your’e not into running a custom ROM and you’ve already removed the bloat, what are some good apps to check out? We discussed just a few of the many, many root only apps out there floating around the Android ecosystem. We talked about near “required” ones such as AdAway or Titanium Backup as well as many others.

As always we went over the latest new and updated apps on the Play Store, carriers continue to LTE all the things, and the Sony Xperia X and XL phones are completely awesome. We’re excited to see Sony focus on high end devices, only. This week Larry Page reflected upon Apple’s thermonuclear war with Android…it’s not going to well, is it? And, last, but not least, we gave away two Ingress invite codes thanks to donations from our fans. Cheers!

Miss the show? Tune in or watch below:

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