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Android Authority On Air - Episode 44 - Holiday Recap

December 29, 2012


From all of us here at Android Authority, we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. Being the time of year that it is, we have just a short, roughly 30 minute show for you this week, covering a few top topics from the past few days.

On the Google Ecosystem front, Google Play released their top apps of 2012. According to Google, these apps really make Android shine. They are the best apps available for your favorite Android tablet or smartphone.  While some some launched this past year, others received updates offered great utility, beauty and accessibility. Next up is Google Music. Users are reporting that their explicit lyric song versions are being replaced by the new music match feature with radio edits or non-explicit lyric versions of their songs. There is a quick and easy work around while we wait for Google to resolve this, tune into the show to find out how.

We hit up a few rumors this week.  Will we see a 7 inch Galaxy Note tablet? Possibly. The Samsung Galaxy Note line of Android devices keeps growing. First we had the 5 inch smartphone Note, then we saw the 10.1 Note in full tablet form, recently Note 2 arrived in 5.5 inch glory and now it seems we might be on the path for a 7 inch tablet in the very near future. According to the WSJ, Google and Motorola are working on an X phone and X tablet. The new X Android devices are said to not replace the Motorola Droid line but in fact a different product altogether. Google and Motorola have reportedly explored some interesting avenues with these devices and we went over them briefly on the show.

The Verizon Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX received over the air updates to Android Jelly Bean 4.1 on Christmas Eve. This so called Christmas miracle quickly changed from something awesome to something saddening when Verizon pulled the update shortly after releasing it. Was this a mistake? Most likely. Now Verizon is offering replacement phones for users whose phones are malfunctioning after the update.

We didn’t have any patent wars topics this week, but we do have some rootin’ and ROMin’ news. If you’ve always wanted to be a dev, now you can with XDA University. Learn how to use git, build ROMs and kernels and even port ClockworkMod.

Miss the show? Tune in or watch below:

Happy Holidays!