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Android Authority On Air - Episode 39 - Nexus 10 and Ingress Giveaways!

November 26, 2012

If you hadn’t noticed, we postponed our show this week, so that our show hosts and guests could spend time with their families. After some brief Google+ Hangout related technical difficulties… things went extremely well on post Thanksgiving weekend show. We even gave away a few Android related goodies.

Following the success of Google Music officially launching in the UK, the Google Play Store continues to get better and better. This week, Google added 5.5 million works after scoring a deal with Armonia, a European music publishing group. The Play Store app itself will be getting better in the near future as well. Soon a Google+ account will be required to review apps and you’ll be able to post your review directly to Google+. This is great for developers and should help weed out those spam and unhelpful comments.

Ingress, Ingress, Ingress. Google’s Augmented Reality game has gone viral. It seems like nearly everyone wants an invite to this closed-beta, hit game. Have no fear, Android Authority is here! We scored a bunch of Ingress invites and handed two out this week on the show. If you didn’t get an activation code, tune in next week, we have more to hand out.

CM’s Apollo Music app landed on the Play Store this week..and then it left due to copyright infringements. Those of you that use the app and aren’t using CyanogenMod, the developer is looking into the issue and hopes to get to resolved in a timely fashion. This brought up a good topic of discussion on the show. If you’re able to access Google Music and keep your music in the cloud, is this a big deal? Apollo can’t access Google Music. That app does look great though and it’s nice to have a choice for those that rock local media.

Over on the device front this week, the yakju version of the Galaxy Nexus began receiving the Android 4.2 over the air update. Those that haven’t received it can download the update file or full factory images and flash accordingly. Remember last week when the iFixIt report came out, detailing the Nexus 4’s nearly, almost LTE support. Well, it seems that if you’re in Canada or a country or two in Latin America and your carrier is using Band 4 (AWS), you might just be able to use said LTE. We tackled this as well as a few possible repercussions on the show. If you weren’t able to get a Nexus 4 and Verizon Wireless is your preferred network of choice, you’ll be happy to know via Android hackery the HTC Droid DNA’s bootloader can successfully be unlocked.

Carriers continue to grow their networks, no surprise here, right? T-Mobile is rolling out more HSPA+ on the iPhone friendly 1900mhz spectrum. Across the pond, EE’s LTE is now live. Speeds are on par with US LTE providers and as with any new service, coverage needs to vastly improve.

On the patent front, Android is still at war. First up this week is HTC. They’re giving up all claims against Apple with prejudice and Apple fires back giving up all claims against HTC without prejudice. What’s this mean? Licensing deals. Samsung adds the iPad Mini and new new iPad to their case against Apple. Chances are, Apple will add the Note 2, the JB-running SGS3, the SGS3 Mini, and Tab 2 as well. But wait, there’s more! Apple is withholding code from Motorola (Google). Grab the popcorn Android fans, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Nexus 10 Giveaway

You’ll want to pay attention here. We’re giving away a free 16GB Nexus 10 tablet. During the show, we revealed a special code that can be entered here as well as contest details. This code gives you an additional two chances to win Google’s 10 incher. You’ll want to watch the upcoming show this week as well for an additional two chances to win.

Miss the show? Tune in or watch below: