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Android Authority On Air - Episode 32 - No LAG Edtion

October 5, 2012

We love the fall. The leaves start to turn, the summer heat dies down, Halloween costume parties, and Nexus rumors. As we move into October the Nexus and Android rumors will run rampant until we see an official announcement from Google. This week was nothing out of the ordinary. We saw more and more leaks about the next version of Android, which will most likely be Android 4.2, Key Lime Pie. With Android 4.2 we might see a new, revamped Nexus program where anyone can enter, pending you meet the hardware requirements. Rumors are putting the new version of Android to include a customization center, improved power management, better battery life with Project Roadrunner, homescreens might be replaced with tabs, a new Google Play and the groundwork for Android 5.0.

Besides Android rumors, Nexus device rumors leaked and speculated all over the place too. On the show we went over LG’s rumored first Nexus, the Optimus Nexus. Will we see it by the end of the month? Rumors are saying ‘yes’. Not a fan of LG? That’s okay. Additional rumors slate Google to have their portfolio of Nexus devices ready for Thanksgiving. We even talked about some of these rumored devices on the show.

Now let’s back up a minute and talk about Jelly Bean….and sadly Ice Cream Sandwich updates. If you’re rocking the first line of Acer Iconia tablets, you’re going to be unhappy. If you’re rocking a newer Acer tablet, you can expect Jelly Bean soon. Besides Acer tablets, ASUS continued their mission to Jelly Bean all the things. Even the OG Transformer will get Jelly Bean in the very near future. The Korean SGS3 is getting JB along with the international variants of the HTC One S and X. If you opted to save money and go for the cheaper One V, you won’t be getting Jelly Bean.

Over at Rootin’ and ROMin’, CyanogenMod drops ROM Manager, a closed source application, for their own OTA updater and a few new devices show up for CM10 nightlies.  T-Mobile and MetroPCS are merging and EE released their plans on UK domination. And finally  last but not least, Judge Koh came to her senses, slightly.

Miss the show? Tune in or watch below: