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Android Authority On Air - Episode 29 - iPhone5 Announced - Apple still playing catch up

September 15, 2012

This week on Android Authority On Air we came to the realization that following the recent Apple iPhone 5 announcement, this very well could be our last Android based show. The pre-orders are in, we’re moving to iOS! …And then we woke up from that nightmare and realized it was a horrible, horrible lie. On a serious note, we did discussed the latest smartphone from Apple. It’s truly sad to see how far the device has fallen behind. Sorry Sprint and Verizon users, you won’t be able to talk and use data at the same time, something that Android phones on those networks can do with ease. There’s no NFC, the camera is basically the same, the screen is basically the same, now with more stretch! That’s about it.

Since this is still an Android show, we did talk about a few Android related items this week such as the latest milestone from Android, 500 million globally activated devices. Wow! We hit up some Google Wallet updates. Prepaid cards are going away as they are no longer needed. If you’re on Verizon Wireless and using Google Wallet, you can’t use sneaky tricks to install the application any longer from the Play Store. The horror! Now, you’ll have to manually install the application as with any unsupported application. Nothing new here folks. Move along. Turntable.FM had some updates, now with more Android-ness. eBay decided to join the ranks of Holo UI and our favorite Kickstarter launcher, Chameleon, had a major update this past week. Besides apps, we saw a handful of devices be announced, teased, or launch this week. We’re excited over LG’s Optimus G. Man, those specs look pretty nice. Over on the rootin’ and ROMin’ front, CM10 graced the world with their first ever monthly update and the XOOM LTE and WiFi editions are now getting official nightly builds. Carriers continue to LTE all the things. Sprint, Verizon and AT&T all announced major coverage expansions this past week. All this and more happened on the greatest Android Hangout Show this week, check us out below.

The Give Away

We’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (International) here in the near future. If you’re interested and want another chance to win, during the show we give away a super secret entry code. Once you get the code, just head on over to the contest page and enter your code into the Rafflecopter.

Miss the show? Tune in or watch below: