This week, we dig into Android’s latest launcher, Chameleon, along with this week’s special guest Phill, from their development team.  Screen real estate, widgets, and home screens based on a context system make Chameleon extremely powerful. Chameleon, now in private beta, will soon be launching an SDK system to allow developers from all walks of life to create additional widgets.  Don’t worry Kickstarter backers, you’ll be getting your invites in the next few days. Chameleon has a lot of potential and they keep adding functionality. Keep an eye on this application, it’s going to get better.

Google’s Wallet grows up, allows any major credit card to be added. Google adds additional security features which make Wallet extremely enticing. The Nexus Q goes free to those that pre-ordered, the rest of us will have to wait while Google figures out exactly what they want to do with the Q. They plan on adding more functionality, which is great news. Next up, Verizon gets a slap on the wrist resulting in tethering changes. This is a good thing. Users can now download tethering apps directly from the Google Play store and bypass the $20/month fee. Thanks FCC. Sadly, a bunch of old Snapdragon phones won’t be getting CM9 or CM10. They’ll have to settle for Cm7.2 or non-CM ICS/JB ports in the future.

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Google Wallet can now add any credit card or debit card
Nexus Q launch delayed, more functionality on the way
Samsung releases rejected trial evidence, infuriates Judge Koh
FCC tells Verizon to pay $1.25 million and unblock tethering apps
No updates past CM 7.2 for Nexus One, HTC Desire, Legend, Xperia X10 and others
ICS on 16% of all Android devices, Jelly Bean at 0.8%