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Android Authority On Air – Episode 21 – The Nexus 7 launches

July 19, 2012

This week the Google / Asus Nexus 7 officially launched. This tablet is amazing and extremely popular. Our guests and hosts discussed the most popular features of the Nexus 7 including price, content, form factor, size and weight and general usability. Yes, some people are complaining about dead pixels or screen lifting issues. Is this really a big deal? Don’t many, many tablets have launch issues including the latest iPad? Yes. When you’re mass producing these units you’re bound to have a few that aren’t perfect. Send’em back and get a replacement.

Besides the Nexus7 shipping with Jelly Bean, we were teased this week with CM10 on many, many different devices. We’ve seen previews for Optimus 4X, HTC One S, Xoom, Nexus 7, all variants of the SGS3 minus Verizon, HTC Sensation, SGS1, SGS2 Skyrocket, Epic Touch, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Toro, and Maguro.

CM9 reaches release candidate 2 and adds support for a handful of Samsung devices. Do you need a phone with 64GB of storage? Samsung thinks you do. AT&T announces their new shared data plans and we compare them to Verizon’s Share Everything plans and more this week on Android Authority On Air.

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