This week on Android Authority On Air we’ll try not to rage or voice our opinions too much over this weeks Patent Wars segment. The Galaxy Nexus has been banned in the US. You can’t even buy it from the Google Play Store. And that Android fans, has us fuming. We’ll try not to talk about #boycottapple too much as we have many other issues to discuss. From Amazon phone rumors, to CM10, to the Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean information, all is not doom and gloom this week.

Rising out of the sadness of the Galaxy Nexus being banned raised some pretty tough questions this week for many Android fans. Now that Jelly Bean is available through for the Galaxy Nexus for root users and those who attended Google I/O12, should you root it. Many users this week new to rooting their devices decided that enough was enough and took matters into their own hands for the very first time. Others were tempted by the buttery goodness of Jelly Bean, but held their ground, staying stock.

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This weeks featured discussion: Should you root your phone? (Or tablet for that matter). Why do people do it? What are the benefits of doing it? And, most important to some, are there any cons? If you’re sitting on the fence with this one, be sure to join in on the live discussion and get your questions answered.

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