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Last week, Android Authority On Air reached a milestone, episode 52. For our 1 year anniversary with the Android Authority On Air show, we partnered with Cruzerlite to bring you 10 $15 gift cards. Thanks for watching live on Google+, YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you happened to find us.


The final contest results are in and listed below. If your name is below, you will be contacted in the near future by email. Congrats! If you didn’t win, better luck next time. Stay tuned to Android Authority so you don’t miss any of our upcoming giveaways.

  • Marc R.
  • Amine
  • Dan B.
  • Patrick T.
  • Chris M.
  • Connor L.
  • Tyler W.
  • Devesh P.
  • Brian
  • Brieanna M.

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday night at 9:30pm EST for the Android Authority Air Show!

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