It’s been a surprisingly busy week in the world of Google Play this week. Let’s start with some good news as Google has dramatically lowered the price of Google Drive cloud storage. It turns out Rovio is at it again with a new Angry Birds RPG. QuizUp is a game that is almost amazing and was released last week. Dong Nguyen has three games on the horizon and is contemplating bringing Flappy Bird back. Lastly, Google may be in some legal trouble because a North California mom is suing for in-app purchase problems. Now on to five more Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Minuum Android appsMinuum Keyboard

[Price: $3.99]
First up this week is the Minuum Keyboard. It has officially left beta with the release of version 2.0. For those who may not remember or don’t know, Minuum is a unique spin Get it on Google Playon a keyboard where you can type a little more sloppy and the app knows what you meant to type. The 2.0 update comes with bug fixes, visual improvements, reduced lag, and more.
Minuum Android apps

talon for twitter android appsTalon for Twitter

[Price: $1.99]
Talon for Twitter has consequently also been updated to version 2.0 and with that has come a lot of new features and improvements. Among them are a boat load of bug fixes and performance improvements, better stability, more tweeks for Get it on Google PlayTweetmarker, a new widget, visual improvements and fixes, and more. It hasn’t hit its Twitter token limit yet and it’s a great 3rd party Twitter app if you’re looking for one.
talon for twitter android apps

banter android appsBanter

[Price: Free]
Banter is a new social network that is kind of a mix between IRC and AOL Instant Messenger. It’s a completely anonymous social network where you chit chat with people who have similar interests as you. Their app for Android is now available and aside from a few early day jitters it appears to be somewhat Get it on Google Playsolid. People are reporting that battery drains quickly and there are a few features missing, but it is usable if you want to try out something old wrapped in a new skin.
banter android apps

deadlings android appsDeadlings

[Price: Free]
Deadlings is a new side scrolling platformer available for Android and it’s actually pretty unique. It boasts a looser and fun style of game play and provides a goofy atmosphere that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. There are over 100 levels, four Get it on Google Playdifferent zombies to play, and one touch controls. It’s fun and it’s free with in app purchases so it can’t hurt to check it out. Just don’t hand it off to a kid for half an hour.
deadlings android apps

threes! Android appsThrees!

[Price: $1.99 (on sale)]
Threes is a new game for Android that copies the concept of a popular iOS app called Fives. In this game you’re given a grid with a few tiles filled in with the number 3. Your job is to push the 3s into one another to create 6s. Then you push the 6s together to make 12s. This continues until you can no longer make any moves and Get it on Google Playthe game ends. It’s an addictive little puzzle game that an increasingly number of people seem to be enjoying. For a limited time you can get it for 33.3% off which puts it at $1.99.
threes! Android apps

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