Even though there was a holiday this last week (happy belated Thanksgiving!), the Google Play Store continued to churn along as usual and that means there were some news items. There is now an app that gives you access to App Ops in Android 4.4. The CyanogenMod Installer made an exit from the Play Store. The Google Play Store continued to organize their apps as you can now see Chromecast-ready applications. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Android sometime in the next month. Finally, CheapCast got an update that lets it cast Chrome browser tabs to your Android device. Now for five apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

amazon android appsAmazon

[Price: Free]
Amazon has been working hard to improve their dated app lately and the latest update has been pretty big. You can now shop with points, redeem gift cards, and connect bank accounts to pay for things. Get it on Google PlayCanadian Amazon customers can now look at Lightning Deals, and, of course, the boilerplate bug fixes and performance improvements.
amazon android apps

doubleTwist android appsdoubleTwist

[Price: Free]
DoubleTwist has updated their app offering. It now features a re-designed UI including support for 7” and 10” tablets. Also included are some functionality and graphic improvements like better playlist management Get it on Google Playand better album and artist art. If you’re looking for a new music player, give this one a shot. It is free.
doubletwist android apps

ESPN Sportscenter android appsESPN SportsCenter

[Price: Free]
ESPN’s app ScoreCenter has finally been bumped up to the iconic Sportscenter and with it came a lot of changes. These include a reduced number of ads, faster performance, more targeted team news Get it on Google Playsupport, real time scores for nearly all sports, and improved alerts. It’s definitely a step up from what it used to be.
sportscenter android apps

Final Fantasy 4 the after years android appsFinal Fantasy IV: the After Years

[Price: $15.99]
First up is Final Fantasy IV After Years. This is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 4 and it’s been ported to Android. Square Enix has been improving their offerings with each new release and this one is no different. There are faster battles, Get it on Google Playquicker game play, and less clunky controls along with the full story which makes this worth looking into. Warning, it is a little expensive.
final fantasy 4 the after years android apps

newegg android appsNewegg

[Price: Free]
Newegg has updated their mobile app. It was already pretty good but they now have support mobile-specific deals. Since we are now officially in Get it on Google Playthe holiday season, mobile deals can offer some great stuff for cheap and what nerd doesn’t like that possibility?
newegg android apps

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