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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Google Play Weekly

This week we talk about Android apps running on ChromeOS, Goat SImulator, Dragon Quest, battery saving, and more Android apps news!
September 19, 2014
Welcome back to another Google Play Weekly! This week we talk about:

Finally, here are five Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Goat Simulator Android apps
Goat Simulator

[Price: $4.99]
Goat Simulator is an impossibly hilarious and goofy game where you control a goat and go do absurd goat things. This was a hotly anticipated title on PC and equally anticipated on mobile. You can pick it up right now for $4.99 in the Play Store and there no in app purchases. It’s time to go get your goat on.

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Dragon Quest Android apps
Dragon Quest

[Price: $2.99]
Square Enix fans rejoice because the original Dragon Quest has been re-released on Android. It’s received a little bit of a graphics bump and some mobile optimized controls but otherwise it’s the same Dragon Quest you remember playing as a kid. It’s going for $2.99 in the Play Store which is cheap for a Square Enix game and not a bad price to pay for nostalgia. If you’re not a fan of old school JRPGs then make sure you steer clear of this one.

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Dragon Quest Android apps

Moto Voice Android apps
Moto Voice (formerly Touchless Control)

[Price: Free]
Like many OEMs, Moto puts a lot of their OEM-specific features into regular apps and releases them to the Play Store so they can get faster updates. Moto Voice, formerly known as Touchless Control, is the latest OEM app to make it to the Store. If you have a Moto phone then you should have this app and if you don’t have a Moto phone, you can’t have this app and that sucks.

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Sup Android apps

[Price: Free]
Sup is a newly released application that lets you see what your friends see for about 10 seconds. Here’s how it works. Your screen will show what their phone camera can see. You then swipe in various directions and the app tells the person to pan in those directions so you can see. We have no clue why this app exists but it seems pretty cool. Just beware it’s having some launch day issue and we hope they get worked out soon.

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Sup Android apps

LeanDroid Android apps

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
Last up this week is LeanDroid. This is a minimal-style application that will help you take control of your battery life. The interface is a little wordy but not difficult to understand and people have saved countless hours of battery life with just a little tinkering. It’s free with in app purchases and was recently updated with a lot of fixed and it brought back the dark theme.

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LeanDroid review

Wrap up

If we missed any awesome Android apps or app news that you think we should’ve covered, let us know in the comments!