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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Google Play Weekly

This week it's all about the Google apps, Material Design, and Nokia's Here Maps app along with the latest Android apps news!
October 24, 2014
Welcome back to Google Play Weekly! Here are the headlines from this last week:

And now, here are five Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

Google Play Music Android apps
Google Play Music

[Price: Free / $9.99 subscription]
Google Play Music got an update this last week that brings with it a Material Design overhaul. Also, All Access members living in the United States will have access to playlists curated by Songza. Remember when Google bought Songza? It does suck that the Songza feature is only available in the US but I guess a good way of looking at it is that now that it’s finally out somewhere, it’s just a matter of time before it gets to you.

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Google Play Music Android apps

Material Wallpapers Android apps
Material Wallpapers (Android L)

[Price: Free]
Material Wallpapers is an application is essentially what the name says it is. It’s a collection of Material Design inspired wallpapers as well as a few official ones. It’s totally free to use with no in app purchases so that’s always good news. Aside from a hiccup on the OnePlus One, the app otherwise seems to work really well.

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material wallpapers android apps

talon for twitter android apps
Talon for Twitter Plus

[Price: $3.99]
Klinker Apps has released another Talon for Twitter. Unlike the one that’s widely available, this version is only for devices rocking Android 5.0. It is Material Design and has some features specifically tailored to the Android 5.0 experience. We know it’s not very useful to everyone just yet but when your device gets 5.0, you should definitely check this app out.

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stuffmerge android apps
StuffMerge Clipboard Composer

[Price: Free / $1.17]
StuffMerge Clipboard Composer is an app we reviewed this last week and it is pretty useful. The premise is pretty simple. It’s essentially like your standard copy/paste clipboard on steroids. The use cases are a little niche but pretty much everyone eventually finds themselves in a situation where an app like this can be useful. It’s free to use if you’re interested with a premium version available if you like it.

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Androidify Android apps

[Price: Free]
Last up this week is Androidify. This fun little app lets you make cartoons of yourself that look Andy the Android robot. Version 2.0 just came out a little bit ago with new animations, the ability to share creations as gifs, and your Androidify creation may one day make into an Android TV commercial. It’s free with no in app purchases and it’s fun.

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Wrap up

If there were any awesome bits of news about Android apps or games that we missed this week, leave us a comment and let us know!