Here’s some more good news for Android fans. Ovum, a telecoms analyst group, projects that over 18 billion applications will be downloaded this year. Of these 18 billion, only 6 billion will be for the Apple OS. A sizable number, but the remaining 12 billion is being shared between its rivals. The lion’s share of this bounty is being gobbled up by the other dominant OS force in the app market: Google’s Android.

This also means that despite the large application library available to them in the iOS platform, most smartphone users are abandoning the iTunes apps store in large numbers. This supports Ovum’s claims that Android smartphone users will be downloading more apps this year than Apple iPhone owners, propelled by the increasing sales of devices using Google’s operating system.

Compared to last year’s 7.4 billion total, this year’s projected 18 billion is more than double that amount. With the booming growth comes an increase in market shares. Right now, for the first time, phones that run on Google’s Android operating system will be downloading more apps than iPhones. Their market share is pegged at 8.1 billion compared to Apple’s 6 billion.

The second quarter of this year saw an Android phone boom, with over 46% of smartphones sold using the OS. Apple on the other hand suffered in comparison and pegged at just 20% of the market. Ovum predicts that Android will only improve its lead, and projects that by 2016 that Android app downloads will be double of the projected iOS download. The analyst group sets it at Android apps being download 21.8 billion times compared with 11.6 billion times for iOS apps.

Of course, this doesn’t call into account external forces, but it seems that Android’s continued progression is only upwards.

Source: Fudzilla