With all of Android’s famed customizability and flexibility, you would presume that customizing a basic screen item–the lock screen–should be easy to accomplish. The sad truth is that customizing your Android phone’s lock screen is fairly limited. The good news is that you can do it with some help.

The WidgetLocker Lockscreen app is one such helpful app. For a measly 2 dollars, you can take full control of your Android phone’s lockscreen and do pretty much anything you want with it–edit the unlock bar, add enabling widgets, and the like. Take it from someone who loves customizing Android phones: this app is a must-have, and the price is truly worth it.

There are other Android apps that can help you with your lockscreen customization quest, and they have their own charms. For instance, there’s the Lock 2.0 – Full app (US$1.99), which features fonts and colors options, 24-hour clock, themed unlocking sound, console for skin downloads, and music controls. Another app is the TopLinks Lockscreen app (US$0.98), which allows you to make phone calls, reply to emails, or send SMS from the lockscreen, as well as provide quick links to your favorite contacts. Another app you might want to check out is LockBot Pro (US$3.49), which lets you switch to various custom lockscreen themes, change the unlock sound, activate a “shake to unlock” option, enable password-based unlocking, and set a custom lockscreen wallpaper.

I’m personally using WidgetLocker Lockscreen and it meets my needs perfectly. Perhaps it might meet yours, too. Check out my video review of WidgetLocker Lockscreen and see how this app works:

Vinny Marino
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