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Android fans unite to take Apple down: swarm of 1-star reviews hitting the 'Move to iOS' app

Android fans are really not liking Apple's first Android app! Come in and join the fun.

Published onSeptember 20, 2015

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Did you guys know Apple released its first Android app in the Google Play Store just last week? Most people were in disbelief. We never thought Apple would ever bring one of its services to Android… but then we checked what the app actually was and realized it all made sense. The application is called Move to iOS, and it essentially help users migrate all their content to Apple’s devices, including contacts, messages, photos, bookmarks, calendars and more.

Needless to say this hits a very delicate spot for Android fans across the globe. How dare they?! We suppose it’s a helpful tool for those who really do want to switch to iOS (even if you can sync many of these via Google’s services), it just seemed a bit too disrespectful to most users. Everyone was hoping for Apple to actually make some of its services available to Android. Instead we get this?! Either way, something rather comical has been going on at the Move to iOS page in the Google Play Store.


It turns out the Android community is much more united than some of us may think it is! Move to iOS managed to get almost 30,000 reviews in under a week, which is definitely an accomplishment. The bad news (at least for Apple) is that almost 25,000 of these are 1-star reviews! Now Apple’s app sits at a 1.7-star rating, which puts it pretty low in the scare of ratings from the Google Play Store.

And you guys have to read some of these reviews!

App locked my Android phone and told me I needed to buy an iPhone to unlock it. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. – Christopher Chavez
This app killed my goldfish! Everything was working great on my new iPhone 6s, but this morning I looked at my goldfish Sparky and he was dead, floating upside down in his tank! Nothing in my life has changed except for this app, so the two must be linked somehow! I want an explanation now!!! -Time Wrobel

Now let’s hear it from you. Have you left a comment and review in the Move to iOS Google Play Store page? Hit the comments and share it with us!

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