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Adaptxt for Android: The Keyboard App That Adapts to You Rather Than You to It

November 7, 2011

Another predictive text app? Groan.

We’ve all been there before. We know what it’s like. “Oh, that’s a useful app.” Then you download and install it onto your Android device, looking forward to how it will make typing a whole lot easier.

That is, until a slew of bugs comes up. Delayed touch interface. Inaccessible special characters. Really bad predictive text suggestions. You toss the app, and decide that primitive typing is a lot more bearable.

But, those days are gone. A much-better predictive text app has just landed on the Android Market. One that we’d dare say so revolutionarily smart and intuitively game-changing because it’s packed with features so in touch with your needs you’ll never want to go back to primitive text-typing again. The app is called Adaptxt.

An App as Smart as Its Creators

With Adaptxt, communication is a breeze. Its developers have taken great care to listen to user feedback. Drawing from the latest technology and a mature understanding of linguistics and artificial intelligence, Adaptxt Beta’s creators have engineered a predictive text app that will make text communication on your Android phones a truly hassle-free, efficient, sensible experience.

Adaptxt takes care of the inputting for you so you have time to focus on the things that matter more.

Here’s why Adaptxt is the only predictive text app you’re ever going to need:

Ease of Use and Navigation

Adaptxt’s smooth, sleek interface features a truly clutter-free keyboard that follows the natural position of your fingers and allows you to type without strain and difficulty.

Touch typing is made more seamless, thanks to Adaptxt’s compact keyboard support. Many features are accessible with just a few simple keystrokes. For instance, a simple long press on the Space key quickly changes the keyboard language.  A long press on a key allows for quick input of numbers or punctuation. A long press on the Full Stop (Period) key pulls up the most common punctuation marks.

To activate the Num Lock and Punctuation Lock so you can enter a sequence of numbers or punctuations, a tap on the Alt key is all you need.

Turn on auto correction, and typing no longer becomes a headache, since a quick revert and dismiss option is available to help you make fine-tuned language decisions more quickly while typing.

For those casual messages, a unique setting also lets you access smileys through the smiley bubble. The extended character bubble setting lets you shift to displaying special characters for languages like Indonesian, English, and many others.

Intelligent Dictionary at Your Fingertips

The underlying artificial intelligence is a breakthrough feature in Adaptxt. It learns your texting style for a truly personalized experience. Adaptxt has been created to specifically adapt to your writing style, taking in common words used in order to offer better predictive text input options.

Developers also foresaw your need for discipline- or field-specific jargon and technicalese, so they threw in a few more dictionaries loaded with words frequently used in various professions. Word lists include terms for the business, medical, legal, information technology, telecommunications, and finance professions—all at your behest.

Multilingual and Multi-currency Support

Frustrated with apps not in your language? Worry no more! Whichever corner of the globe you’re from, you’ll find that your communication needs are represented, thanks to Adaptxt’s more than 40 language dictionaries.

Are you bilingual or multilingual? It’s no problem. Enable as many dictionaries as you need as you tap away, all fully-loaded and free. You can type in any of your preferred languages on the run, without explicitly changing the keyboard language and it is great to see Adaptxt intelligently understand that you are now writing in a different language and offer suggestions and error corrections from that language accordingly–artificial intelligence at its best.

If you’re a more nostalgic virtual keyboard user, you’ll delight in Adaptxt’s support for classic and alternative keyboard layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Cyrillic, and Greek.

Use Adaptxt’s language-specific currency key for different countries, if you ever need to say “Show me the money!” in a different tongue.

Intuitive (Not Just Predictive) Text and Auto Correction

The key to Adaptxt’s power feature is in its Intelligent Learning Engine, which makes use of cues to get a better feel of your communication style so that correction and predictive text suggestions are more accurate and more representative of you as a person.

No need to be wary of random, out-of-the-blue auto correction bloopers—Adaptxt takes care of the dirty work for you and contextually corrects all your typing errors so you won’t need to keep tapping that Backspace or Del button.

The unique Next Word Predictions and Word Completions features think ahead and anticipate what you will say next, saving you more than two-thirds of keystrokes. Now that’s an efficient app, and its efficiency is a much-needed respite for typing on touch keyboards.

Taking Communication to the Next Level

As if anticipating your next steps weren’t enough, Adaptxt also has Voice Input support—quite handy when you’d rather narrate than type in text.

All that Adaptxt has contextually learned about you and your particular language use and style can also be saved as a backup and reused whenever there’s a version update, so you won’t ever have to start from scratch again.

Find Out More

How’s that for a smart app that could double as your secretary, filling in your blanks, offering you text input suggestions, while saving you some precious time while you’re on the go?

Adaptxt is just the beginning of a more streamlined, intelligent predictive text experience.  Check out the freshly launched Adaptxt Beta app on the Android Market.

Find out what other magical stuff the Adaptxt app can do to you by visiting the official Adaptxt website. You can also get fresh news about it from Adaptxt on Facebook, Adaptxt on Twitter, and Adaptxt on LinkedIn.

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Have you tried Adaptxt today?  What do you think of it?