Businessmen need to stay connected wherever they are. Thankfully, the Historic Quincy Business District has put up a new app that lets them stay connected to several downtown businesses.

‘Google is great if you know what you are looking for,’ said Travis Brown, the Executive Director of the HQBD. ‘This is an app that will show you what’s there and give you more information about the businesses that are there that you might not even know to search for.’

When asked about what prompted HQBD to create the app, Brown said that it was pushed during the many strategic planning meetings.

‘It was not just the business owners that were there, but the general public seemed to want it,’ he said. ‘So we decided to make that a primary focus coming out of that plan and moving forward.’

In addition to posting information about such businesses, HQBD app will also be posting upcoming events. There will also be a virtual walking tour of the entire district. Through a video, app users get to have a walkthrough of the 30 stops located throughout the area. As of this writing, 21 of the stops have already been completed including The Dick’s Brewery, which includes information on the Dick brothers and how they started their business. It even includes 1903 pictures from infamous explosion which occurred in the brewery.

Future plans of the app include incorporating the use of QR codes which will explain information on each property.

As we get forward into spring, we’re going to be developing some QR codes that will be like window decals that will go on the buildings of the properties that we are talking about,’ said he. ‘So if they don’t have our app if they don’t have any information, they can just hit that QR code with their smartphone and it’ll start playing the (video) for that particular building,’


The HQBD app will be launched in a later part of the month for both iOS and Android smartphones. A link to the app can be found on HQBD website.