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We all know and love the Android Easter eggs, little treats that Google leaves inside each release that are usually accessible by tapping several times on the Android version number in About Phone.

In the past, Google used cute little animations or static graphics as Easter Eggs, but with Lollipop, the hidden treat is a new level of tasty. Google actually put a full game inside Android, and it’s a nod towards the most famous title of the past year, the viral phenomenon known as Flappy Bird.

As you can see from the video above, Google closely followed Flappy Bird’s game mechanics, with graphics updated for an Android theme – your character is a flappy droid (if I may say that) and the obstacles are giant spinning lollipops. For some reason, the droid  flaps from right to left though.

We’re going through the new Lollipop preview images, and hopefully there are more tasty treats inside. What do you think of Lollipop’s Easter egg? What if Google released it in the Play Store?