Android 4.2.2 has begun to roll out to the LG G2 in Korea, this according to an anonymous tipster over at Phone Arena. The update was originally expected by the end of January in Korea, but rolling out almost a week late should not set LG back too far in rolling out this update to G2 phones around the globe by the end of the first quarter.

True to the most recent release of Android, the update will support Android RunTime (ART), an improved replacement to the current Dalvik runtime. ART has the advantage of pre-loading application bytecode from install instead of loading on demand when the user opens an app, resulting in as much as a 50% speed increase. We covered it in a handy video, check it out. For now, ART is an experimental feature, but it is likely to become the main runtime for future versions of Android.

No word if the update includes any changes to features or function of their own Q-Slide and other custom apps as a part of LG’s skinned Launcher.

How is your LG G2 holding up – are you impatiently awaiting the Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat update or are you just planning on grabbing the G2 Pro when it finally comes out?

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