Android 4.3 vs 4.2.2

Curious what the real changes are in Android 4.3? We all are. We want to know just how different it is from Android 4.2.2, and whether or not it’s a large enough upgrade to worry about getting.

The video below gives a nice side-by-side comparison, and in terms of aesthetics, not much going on. It’s roughly the same look and feel, but 4.3 is noticeably faster, even though it’s still called Jelly Bean. It snaps through web pages faster, and navigating through normal phone functions are also smoother.

Both versions shown are on a Nexus 4, so the comparison is fair in regard to hardware. The end of the video shows some benchmarks, which also note 4.3 to be much faster.

Check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Does Android 4.3 make much of a difference to you?

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