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Android 4.3 to sort apps and widgets by usage amount, new code apparently suggests

Newly discovered snippets of code seems to suggest that Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will sort apps and widgets by usage amount, rather than alphabetically. Read on to find out more details!
July 2, 2013

A look at recently discovered code seems to reveal that Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will automatically sort apps and widgets by usage amount rather than alphabetically, as it’s currently done.

Mycethe publication that first mentioned details about the Chromebook Pixel – discovered the new bits of code pointing to this particular features in the Google Launcher code, not in the leaked Android 4.3 build:

[quote qtext=”Numerous code snippets indicate that the mobile operating system will count the amount of times an application is started. Due to that it will allow sorting applications by the number of times they are used currently called sort by favorite by the developers.

It appears that it will also be possible to sort widgets this way. The code appeared in a project on the Linux Foundation Labs website where developers of several companies actively contribute to the Android code.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Here are a few samples of said code:

Android code
Click here for full image. | Image credit: Myce

A leaked Android 4.3 version is already available in the wild, and while it may not bring any major new features, the update is expected to pack a variety of improvements, including Roboto font refinements and new notification abilities.

Android 4.3 traces have been available for a long while now, since before Google I/O, but Google is yet to officially unveil it – Android 4.3 traces have been seen on a Google support website, in server logs (our included) and in other leaks related to upcoming devices.

The company is rumored to launch the new Nexus 7 at some point this month, with the device expected to launch with Android 4.3 on board.

However, despite the available leaks so far, including Myce’s reports on Android 4.3, nothing is official at this time, so don’t get too excited about these unconfirmed features of Android 4.3 just yet.