First the pretty stellar HTC One, and now this? Thanks HTC! You’re on a roll.

On a meetup posting on, HTC seems to have given away a bit too much info. In the description, they mention two features that are currently available… just not on a wide scale. Considering the date of the meeting is May 16th, we’re led to believe this is subsequent to info we’ll get in the keynote speech at I/O, which is on May 15th.

The first of those technologies being discussed is BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy. This technology has quite a bit to do with newer “always on” devices and features. We’d expect to see it at some point in the near future, considering Google Glass is coming soon (and needs to be tethered), so this isn’t a total shock. Whether it be on 4.3 or a later iteration like Key Lime Pie, we were anticipating its arrival.

Another tidbit of perhaps greater interest is OpenGL ES 3.0. OpenGL is a graphics specification (shading, texturing… stuff like that), and one that many of us with Chrome Beta on our devices have activated. You may remember our story a few months back about activating it to get full screen capabilities on the mobile browser. While that was WebGL, it operates on OpenGL 2.0… and has some of the same semantics for operation on mobile devices. Again, we knew this would happen at some point… but this is different.

With all the gaming sessions at I/O this year, we expected the overall missive and tempo to be cheerleading developers into more game development. With OpenGL, a slew of gaming-specific sessions, and Google having hired a new gaming chief… it could be a bit more serious than we originally anticipated.

Serious about gaming. I like the sound of that.