Less than 24 hours after the president of HTC America promised that the Android 4.3 update would hit the Developer Edition of the HTC One this week, said update has begun hitting all devices in Taiwan.

According to the frequent HTC leaker LlabTooFeR, who shared a screenshot of the update changelog, the 4.3 update for the One doesn’t bring a bump in the Sense version, but does come with a few tweaks and improvements.

The phone will now show a battery charging animation even when it’s powered off, and users can now add sound to video highlights.

The update also improves the contrast of images taken in low-lighting conditions. It’s not clear yet if this is the fix to the purple-tinting issue that some HTC One users experience when taking shots in very low light. The Taiwanese company acknowledged the problem back at the beginning of the month and said it’s working on a fix via software update.

Android 4.3 mostly brings changes under the hood, such as increased security, support for OpenGL ES 3.0, and support for Bluetooth Smart. For now, we don’t have official information on the release of the Android 4.3 update for HTC One in other regions, though its kickoff in Taiwan and its impending arrival on the Developer Edition make us hope for a speedy rollout.