The LG Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 seem to go hand-in-hand, mostly because Google’s upcoming Nexus phone has been tipped to have an updated Jelly Bean on board. There were some duds along the way, but other signs do point to the imminent arrival of Android 4.2.

While we may not be getting a new customization center or Project Roadrunner, one thing that the latest version of Jelly Bean will have, as uncovered by Android Police, is two notification panels.

By now you should already master the art of pulling down the notification tray on your phone. In Android 4.2, as the embedded video shows, you can now pull down a second notification on top of the first one, but the second layer contains only quick settings.

It seems the implementation is not done yet, because there’s only a placeholder image for it at the moment, as seen above. But the second layer of the notification menu will most likely give you quick access to WiFi, Tethering, Bluetooth, Brightness, and the likes.

The two pull down menus should help keep things neat and uncluttered. Sound off in the comments below whether you dig Google’s implementation or not.

Bams Sadewo

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