Although it definitely hasn’t brought a set of improvements and tweaks as generous as the one in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the 4.2 upgrade was awaited with a lot of excitement. Unfortunately, Nexus 4’s (limited) release and the updating of the GSM Galaxy Nexus to the new version of JB have brought to our attention 4.2’s first bug, and it’s pretty major.

Well, not exactly major as in with the potential of plaguing one’s overall interaction with one’s phone, but more like major in how the heck wasn’t this detected in the new OS’s testing.

The glitch basically prohibits users from sending text messages via the Google Voice app, force-closing the message after hitting the compose button and trying to add a recipient. The issue was first noticed on the 4.2 powered Nexus 4, but we already have reports of people encountering the bug on the Android 4.2 GNex as well, so it’s definitely a compatibility thing between Google Voice and the new OS.

The good news is that we don’t think Google will take long to remedy the situation, so if you’re a heavy GVoice user and you already have an Android 4.2 device, keep your eye on Google Play for a maintenance update. It’s also good to know that the app is not completely compromised, with phone calls working as smoothly as usual.

Still, we can’t just overlook the bug, especially that it has appeared on one of Google’s own first-party apps. I mean, come on, guys, if you’re not going to test your own software for compatibility, what should we expect from third-party apps?!?