Although the Galaxy Nexus is almost one and a half year-old (how time flies, eh?), you would think that the 4.65-incher would always be one of the first to get updates to the latest versions of Android. You know, given the device is a Nexus and all.

And yet the LTE-enabled version on Verizon is still stuck on 4.1 Jelly Bean. With 4.2 being around ever since November 2012. Not cool, but what can you do?

Well, starting today, you can flash a leaked build of 4.2.2 that looks like the real thing. The ROM has apparently being pulled out straight from Google’s servers, so an official 4.2 bump is definitely in the final testing stages and around the corner for an OTA rollout.

Then again, ain’t nobody got time to wait for Verizon (or Samsung) to make the thing officially available, right? In which case, here’s the direct link to download build JDQ39 and bring your flavor of Android up from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2.


You probably know the drill by now, but just in case you don’t here’s the skinny. First off, the firmware is to be installed only on devices running stock software. The ROM can’t be flashed over another custom ROM, so don’t even try that.

Also, you’re going to need a custom recovery tool. From there on, it’s smooth sailing for anyone with a basic knowledge of these things, but if you need additional help here are the step by step instructions for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

A couple of final warnings and we’ll wrap it up. Although everything points at the leaked ROM being the real deal, it can still be buggy or laggy. After all, there’s a reason why Verizon and Samsung are still delaying making it official.

Also, remember that any kind of unofficial software tweaking will void your warranty, so if you care about those things you might want to wait it out a while longer. Now go and have fun, you crazy kids!