Among the slew of impressive new features that Android 4.2 comes with, the latest Android release also has its fair share of bugs, the most infamous one seemingly being the wiping out of December from the People app.

We reported a few days back that Google is preparing a fix that will bring back December to devices running the latest Jelly Bean flavor by the end of the year. Now the software update has reportedly reached several owners of the new Nexus devices, namely the Nexus 4 phone and the two Nexus tablets.

At 1.1MB, the update is quite small in file size, but it does fix the missing December issue. Apart from that, we’re not sure what other improvements folks can expect since Google hasn’t put up the changelog. It’s possible that the new firmware will also fix the Bluetooth woes that some have been experiencing on Android 4.2, but don’t quote us on that one just yet.

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