Although it’s hard to single out just one OEM who’s made a mess out of Jelly Bean updates when pretty much everyone has been involved in at least of couple of Android 4.1 snafus, you can’t argue against bashing HTC.

The company’s 2012 flagship, the One X, is in fact the perfect example of how not to handle a major software update. Android 4.1 has begun rolling out to the X way back in October, with a couple more “waves” hitting different parts of the world in November and December, but the overall status quo of JB updates is still very disappointing.

But what’s even more frustrating than the small number of users able to enjoy JB butter on their HTC One X is the uncertainty shown by the company’s officials and partners every time they venture into communicating with the people.

Case in point – the 4.1 update for O2 UK’s HTC One X. This was first announced on Twitter by the British carrier at the end of December, despite users complaining there was no sight of it. O2 insisted that JB was live on some phones for several days, until finally caving in and admitting there were issues with the rollout.

But now HTC has gotten itself in the is it live, is it not fun too with a tweet that says “O2 customers are able to download the Jelly Bean Update on their HTC One X. You can do this in Settings – About – Software Updates – Check Now.” Pretty clear, right? Of course, it’s not that simple, as users keep claiming the upgrade is still not available. Oh, well, there’s never smoke without fire, so maybe if you have a little more patience and keep on performing those manual checks you’ll get the good news at some point.

Meanwhile, let’s hear it from all One X users out there – location, phone model number and updated or not?