Admittedly, there hasn’t been a lot of people who’ve heard of Velocity Micro before. One reason for this is because the brand is fairly new to the battle between Android tablets. But despite this, they are worth a shot—especially if you’re looking for a low end Android.

To be honest though, low end does not always get the attention of many—considering that they have questionable specs and outdated Android versions. But in defense of Velocity Micro, they have some pretty neat devices lined up for CES this year.

Note: We’re gonna try not to be too biased here but really, Velocity Micro tablets won’t stand a chance against our personal favorite, the Transformer Prime. We’re only giving out juicy details to our dear readers. So yes, we’re going to do some justice talking about Velocity Micro and saying, right ahead, that they are fairly respectable. If you’re looking for a cheap tablet, then this is the option for you.

Specs of the two Velocity Micro tablets lined up for CES 2012:

Yes, on these two tablets, cheap and low end does not always mean what they say. At only $150 for the 7-inch model, it’s already packed with specs you wouldn’t expect from its price. Moreover, the two tablets have been confirmed to launch with Android 4.0, as indicated by Velocity Micro.

Unfortunately, these two tablets do not have Google apps or the Android Market in them. Instead, they have the Amazon Appstore installed in them. Also, we’ve heard that Velocity Micro does not do well with screen resolutions. We’ll give you more updates when we finally see them at CES 2012 in a few days!


Christine Torralba
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