Back in July, Samsung said that they will push out the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9  in August. After months of anticipation for Android’s once coolest iteration to arrive, the new firmware is finally available for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (P7310) WiFi model.

The Android 4.0 OTA update for Galaxy Tab 8.9 is currently being rolled out by Samsung, which means it’s only a matter of time before you see the notification update on your slate. If you’re getting impatient waiting for the OTA to arrive, the file should be waiting for you on Kies – if it’s your lucky day.

While owners of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE  (P7300) have to sit this one out, we imagine it won’t take long for Samsung (or Verizon) to release the update for your variant as well. You can wait with Canadian folks who won’t get the ICS update until September.

Anyone seeing the ICS update notification yet on their Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi?

Bams Sadewo
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