Though Panasonic’s second European retreat is just about confirmed, the company hasn’t forgotten about the handful of existing Eluga owners there. Android 4.0 ICS is finally being rolled out to the 4.3-incher, and, while it was long overdue, it should still be met with some excitement.

The upgrading procedure is a bit unusual, so waiting for an automatic download prompt message or checking for a manual update won’t be enough. Instead, you’ll want to go over to Google Play, download the free Eluga ICS update app, and let that do its thing.

You’ll need your battery to be above the 70% mark, about 30 MB of free internal storage and 150 MB of SD memory. You might also want to be connected to Wi-Fi, although that’s not a must. Panasonic has been kind enough to put out a very comprehensive support page on its official website, so if you have any questions or problems, you should find solutions and answers there.

As for specific tweaks and improvements, you also have a neat list there, with highlights including a new, refined and evolved UI, an improved home screen, resizable widgets, a powerful voice input engine, the adding of Android Beam or Face Unlock, but also a series of performance bumps all-around.

We wouldn’t really hold our breath for Jelly Bean to ever hit a device that’s pretty much been abandoned by Panasonic very soon after its release, so be sure to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich as much as you possible can!