So the other night I got an alpha version of ICS installed on my Droid 3, and I have to say I am impressed. Hashcode has been hard at work since the release of the source code, and  had done some amazing things. I am currently using it for my daily driver and if you don’t mind being a guinea pig  give it a shot yourself. For being an alpha it is very stable, and  many of the main functions work. Here is the list from Hashcode’s blog of what works and what does not.

 Many of the base phone functions are now working. And that includes:

  • Phone is usable in CDMA and GSM modes for making/receiving calls as well as 3G data.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS all work
  • HW acceleration is working tho sometimes .. “a work in progress” due to the Gingerbread version of our PVR driver.
  • Audio is probably better than it was in CM7 (imho)

Here’s what will not be working (at least at the start of Alpha):

  • The camera, and several video codecs.  They rely on a device which isn’t present in our kernel: “/dev/ion”.  I’m looking at re-writing it against our memory management unit.  Will take some time.
  • Wifi Tether is broken at the moment and needs debugging
  • Voice recognition needs debugging / fixes
  • Data usage stats are “stubbed” in so that only the total will show, not the per app break down.   Needs kernel module fix.
  • Dock Audio hasn’t been added to the build (I need to decompile the app and rewrite it)
  • HDMI support hasn’t been added to the build (same as above and then troubleshoot through the hwcomposer).

Screencast currently does not work for ICS and I was having problems with my camera. So the best I could do is to get some screenshots of some benchmarks and general usage to give you an idea how it is progressing.

In Smartbench 2011 it is looking about the same as before when I ran it on gingerbread. The browser on the other hand it has almost doubled it performance, it truely is amazing how much better the browser is in ICS. The RAM is much less cluttered then it was when I used Gingerbread stock or with Motoblur, I generally would be sitting at 100 mb free before. Overall this build is looking great and I can not wait for this build to be finished. I few problems with compatibility issues with ICS, and  was happy to be able to use most of my favorite apps. Overall this is a great start for the Droid 3, and is more then enough to keep me from upgrading anytime soon to something like the Droid 4.

Image Credit: Anandtech