One thing you’re practically guaranteed to hear most Android fans say is how much better the stock version of the operating system is compared to the skins that Samsung, HTC, and others put on their devices. Our brothers and sisters over at Android Police recently published a massive article that basically says even stock Android has problems, and that it needs a lot of work. Matias Duarte, who is in charge of the look and feel of Android, read that article and said this on his Google+ account:

“It’s true, we still have a lot of work to do. Personally I feel like I’ve gotten only about a third of the way to where I want to be with regards to consistency, responsiveness, and polish.
Better get back to work!”

In case you guys don’t know about Mr. Duarte’s background, he was on the team that designed Palm’s webOS operating system. In fact, when Palm showed the world webOS for the first time, he was the guy doing the demo. HP then bought Palm, chewed it up, and spit out. Reports say Duarte ended up at Google sometime in May 2010. Assuming that’s accurate, that means he’s been at Google for roughly 27 months. If it’s taken him 27 months to get Android to “a third of the way” of where he wants it to be, does that mean we’re half a decade away until seeing the best of what Android has to deliver?

All we know is that our mobile operating system of choice is iterating at a rapid clip. Later this year we’re expecting to see the first devices running Android Key Lime Pie. Whether that ends up being called Android 4.2 or Android 5.0 isn’t known yet, but we’re extremely confident in saying that Matias is going to give us something to lust after. Look at the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, and look at the Galaxy Nexus. If that much change can happen in three years, then we only have high hopes for the future!