nexus-droid-rm-engDROID owners not satisfied with OS 2.0.1 should keep an eye on the work of some hackers over at According to their latest post, a few daring members have installed Android 2.1 ripped from the Nexus One onto their DROID. Not quite ready for prime time, the image used for the installation apparently does not properly preserve file system permissions which causes some problems with the phone. Other reported issues include problems with the keyboard backlighting, unusual behavior of the landscape app drawer, and general inconsistent behaviors where the homescreens stop swiping and apps stop launching. Quite wisely, interested parties are admonished to wait for an improved image to be released before diving in. While you wait, you can browse through some wallpapers and ringtones ripped from the Nexus One ROM. Enjoy!

[via Engadget and Android Central]